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The Little Giant Brewery have been nominated in the prestigious
SIBA Business Awards 2020

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FE, FI, FO, FUM available in cask, keg, mini-keg and bottles –

Off-sales available 12.30 – 4.30pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Fancy running your own Little Giant Brewery?

Making you thirsty for more…? Brew your own award winning beers with our micro-micro brewery. This unique system has been designed for clubs and trendy bars with limited space.

About Little Giant Brewery

West Country folklore tells a tale of two local giants, Goram and Ghyston who competed for the affection of the beautiful Avona. But only one of them could win her heart so she set a gigantian task for her suitors offering herself to the winner. Needless to say the giants set about this challenge with great enthusiasm. However, Goram over-exerted himself too soon and overheated. Taking solice in a barrel of local ale, Goram snored lazily on the hillside whilst Ghyston paced himself completing the task.

The Little Giant Brewery continues on from this story bringing passion and energy into its brewing process. Like the task set by Avona, the Little Giant Brewery set themselves a huge challenge – to design and produce a micro-micro brewery.

So how does it work?

Our skilled engineers have produced a ‘micro-micro brewery’ with a tiny 1.85m X 2.2m footprint, smaller than your average pallet. We are now offering you the opportunity to run your very own LITTLE GIANT BREWERY.

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Get the taste of running your own business model. If you’re interested in sharing our passion for beer, contact us about the LGB franchise packages available.

Our Brews

Myths, legends and award winning West Country beers – FE, FI, FO, FUM.



Traditional British bitter. Roasted malt & toffee notes are balanced by a firm bitterness with spice and dark fruit character



Sessionable bitter. A malt backbone is balanced by notes of honey and orange blossom with a zesty, orange & citrus character


American hops give this pale ale a crisp bitterness, with grapefruit, lemon and pine-resin notes.


A sweet stout, with a rich, chocolate flavour and a velvety finish.

The Blood Of An Englishman

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If you want to share our passion for beer then please contact us for further information about any of our Little Giant Brewery packages.

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